Review #3: Rescue Team 2- PC/MAC

hey guys so i finally finished the game Rescue team 2.

so as i normally do i will give you a brief idea on how the game works and then i will give you my thoughts on it and the a rating out of 10 which you can find at the bottom.

Ok so you start with a little intro giving you the setting of the game. to be brief it just says that your home town has had a natural disaster of some kind and the town is destroyed. It is your job to rebuild it.

then you will be transported to your home town and on the right hand side you will find the menu e.g. Exit game, Play, Options etc. the background is your city. At the moment it is all destroyed but as you complete levels you will money to repair them. Click play. You will come to a screen with mountains and deserts and snow. and then in the bottom right or left corner you will see a play button which you click. In the first few levels there will be tutorials on how to play the game. for a basic idea you have a base which will be in a different spot on each level, hence, each level is a different map altogether. there will be a timer in the top left hand corner letting you know how much longer you have to complete all of the goals for that level, which is again different in each level. you will be clicking on wood and stone piles to clear them, but you have to have certain amount of resources to do certain actions e.g. to clear a pile of wood you would need to have 10 units of food. once you complete all the goals for the level you complete the level. you will get a certain amount of money depending on how quick you did the level and how many left over resources you have.

After completing a level you will go back to your town and have the opportunity to repair part of the town. you keep doing this until you complete all the levels and completely repair your town.


my thoughts on the game, i think it is a good concept. when i was playing it it was a fun and relaxing game with not to much thinking involved. however, it is very repetitive, which can be annoying because it can feel like you are doing the same thing over and over and over again. I feel there needs to be another aspects of the game to make it a little more interesting.


Rating: 6.5/10


Pending review: Rescue team 2- PC/ Mac

hey guys,

i am in the process of completing a game on my mac called rescue team 2

it is a great game and only cost $9.99 at  and if you have a funpass it is only $6.99. if you don’t have an account i strongly recommend getting one it is completely free to get a account and to get a funpass cost $60 a year. only get that if are going to be downloading a lot of games from there.

so getting back on topic i have almost finished this game and i will be writing a review on it. there is also a rescue team 1 and a rescue team 3 which has just come out and is supposed to be amazing something that i will definitely be getting.

anyway guys last quick thing about it you can actually have a 60 minute free trial of the game just to see if you will like it or not. i think this is pretty cool just to get a feel for the game to see if it something you would be interested in.

ok c ya i will be posting it probably this weekend.


Review #2: Diddy kong racing- Nintendo 64

hey guys so i thought i was way overdue to write another review.

So like i did with ‘Harvest Moon’ i will give you a brief idea of the game and then my thought on it and then at the bottom you will find a rating out of ten.


Ok so with Diddy kong racing you start with the page where you have to pick your character. the characters consist of;

1. Diddy Kong

2. Krunch

3. Tiptup

4. Pipsy

5. Timber

6. Bumber

there are also 2 other characters but you need to unlock them. They are;

1. Drumstick

2. T.T

T.T is the hardest character  to unlock because you have to beet him in every level before you can unlock him.

after you have chosen your character, you will meet a weird elephant which i have forgotten the name of. He will talk to you about how everything works which won’t take to long, about the vehicles which are

1. Car

2. Plane

3. Hovercraft

and then he will give you a balloon. In Diddy Kong racing there are some balloons around the island but you get most of them from winning races. balloons let you enter doors which contain races inside them. so the elephant will give you 1 balloon and then you go up the yellow ramp and there will be a door with a sign on the front which says 1 balloon. this means that you need 1 balloon to enter. in side this area there are 4 new doors. There are 4 different areas on the island.

when you beat all the levels in 1 room, then the boos door will open up (for that room). the bosses are;

Room 1: a Rhinosorous

Room 2: a Walrus

Room 3: a Octopus

Room 4: a Dragon

you now have to go into the bosses door and beat the boss. you have unlimited tries but you cannot continue with the room until you beat him. after you manage that then all the doors in that room will become open again and you have to win them all again, But this time, you have to collect 8 silver coins on the way!!! this means that during the race there will be 8 silver coins placed and you need to collect all of them AND win to get the balloon. again once you do that with all the doors for that room then you vs the Boss with the silver coins. when you beet him again, you are almost done with the room. the are 2 more things. the annoying one is the mini game. in one of the levels in that room a key would of been placed. if you can get the key for that particular room, you get the mini game. you need to do these mini games to the T.T parts which is part of completing the game. the last thing is the trophy room. this is where there is a tournament of all the races from that room. you have to win by points to complete the trophy section (if you draw it counts as a win). (1st=9points, 2nd=7points, 3rd=5points, 4th=3points, 5th=1point, 6&7=0points).

When you have done this with all the 4 rooms the statue of Wizpig (the evil pig) will open his mouth and you grab your plane and fly into the mouth. you then have to race Wizpig.

when you beat him, if you have done everything correctly, the lighthouse (which you will pass during the game) will open up as a fifth magical world in space.


ok so my thoughts on the game,

I actually love this game. I am really annoyed because i wanted to fully complete the game before i did the review but i cannot beat the Wizpig… the second time!!! yeah you also have to beat him in space on a plane. the game is great and because it is a Nintendo 64 game, it isn’t one of those games where you can complete in 2 hours. there are no glitches and the handling of all the vehicles are good and i like the variety of characters which differentiate in speed and handling. if you guys want to know which characters are best for what then ask me in the comments. Also there is 1 cheat that i know for the car only so ask me in the comments if you want to know that. The only thing i could criticise is the graphics. they are awful! but you always have to remember that is was released 36 years ago! all in all a great game.

Rating 8.5/10

Review #1: Harvest Moon- Nintendo GameCube

Hey guys so this is my first review.

i have been playing this game for quite some time now and i think it is great.

for those of you who haven’t heard or played the game before i will give you a brief idea of the story line and how the game works.

So basically you start on a farm in a town called forget-me-not valley. There is a guy there named Takakura and he was friends with your father who has passed on. He talks about how he knew your father and it was there dream to hand it over to you when you where old enough. So then he shows you around the farm where everything is and then he ask you if you want to help Takakura continue the farm work (this i find weird because throughout the whole game he doesn’t really help that much besides sell your stuff you need to sell). You will accept and then you start.

Basically you go throughout the game milking your cows and watering your crops (which you have to buy yourself) and then occasionally a guy called ‘VAN’ comes to forget-me-not valley and you can sell items to him that you don’t need. You basically do this day in day out (i should mention that every real second is a minute in Harvest Moon). There are 24 hours (24 real minutes) in each day and 10 days every season with 4 seasons making up a year. There are also six chapters in the game;

1. The Beginning

2. Happy Birthday

3. Happy Harvesting

4. Happy Farm Life

5. To The Journey

6. The Twilight

Each of these chapters are complete after a certain amount of time e.g. 1 year, 2 years etc. sometimes in these chapters you must complete   accomplish things in the game to move onto the next chapter otherwise you will have to start the chapter again.

Anyway this is just letting you know how the game basically goes. If you are somebody who is patient and likes quiet games then i would strongly recommend this game to you but if you tend to get distracted easily or like games packed with actions this probably isn’t a game you would be quite interested in.

Rating: 9/10